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    Competence and Credibility

    We have the expertise and experience necessary to support the client involved in the daily challenge that his market requires, but above all we respect the commitments undertaken in a fair and cooperative.



Medilink was created in 2000 specializing their activities in ICT solutions, hardware and software, designed to enhance, improve and innovate the development of its customers within their target markets. Over the years it has consolidated its capacity as a reliable partner in the activation and management of processes based on modern and innovative technology solutions, acquiring skills and certifications influential in professional training and activities of Project Management & Project Designer, with particular reference presentation and project management of Research and Development and Technological Innovation, at regional, national and international levels, including accessing concessional financial resources available in the various national and community alerts. MedilinkMedilink operates in accordance with its own management system certificate ISO 9001:2015, in compliance with the certifications and agreements with the brands most representative of the IT market (Microsoft, HP, Cisco, etc. ..) and with special regard to the ethical principles of liability social and environmental protection. The powers guaranteed by the professionals who make it up and working in the field for over 20 years, together with a proven organization and truly available to its customers, allowing Medilink to stand forever as the ideal partner to handle the complex dynamics of change that characterize the current market of ICT. Medilink offers its customers:

  • their actual availability on-site in the resolution of technical issues hardware and software;
  • the ability to translate in Application Software customers' needs;
  • Project Management, analysis, feasibility studies and management plans for technological development;
  • the design, implementation, coordination and reporting of projects of research and development;
  • the planning, activation and management of local and remote networks including issues related to security, data protection and integration of BIG DATA;
  • the planning, management, control and delivery of vocational training activities, using innovative proprietary technologies both in the administration and in both the assessment of competence.

All activities run by Medilink are automated and managed through proprietary application tools that simplify document and management processes, and allow customers the constant and continuous monitoring over time.