• Environment

    Protection and respect for the environment

    The environment is the world in which we all live and work, and all our actions must be compatible to its preservation. The quality of our management system and our infrastructure is also designed to achieve this goal.



Medilink is active in respect of environmental protection and improvement of the quality of services provided. The company has a place of business energy independent thanks to a fully integrated photovoltaic system and a system of thermal and acoustic insulation for high efficiency. The structure uses a system of air-conditioning condensing air, a lighting system with high energy savings and a data center Very LOW POWER.Medilink The company adopts the system of separate waste collection and disposal and the dematerialization of documents and also has a fleet of modern vehicles with engines with low CO2 emissions. Medilink operates in accordance with its Quality System Certificate ISO 9001:2015 certifications in accordance with the best hardware and software brands in the market of ICT services.

All the activities, even remote, are managed and documented by the integrated management system easyGST. Medilink institution is accredited by the Region of Sicily Cod. IAN001, guidance and training standards, distance learning (e-learning), special loads and higher education and has an office equipped and fully accessible.

Medilink is accredited research institution in the National Research cod. CAR 61035OQM.