• Research


    The Research and Development of new products and / or services, the investment is crucial to support and enhance their market presence.



Medilink is particularly active in R & D, as a start-up company, with a strong focus on innovation and innovative investments, consolidating a lot of experience in participation in the notices of access to EU funds for research and development. Medilink has ongoing relationships and consistent with research centers, universities and companies both nationally and internationally.

  • Over the last few years, has presented and participated, as a technology partner or beneficiary, in numerous projects of R&D tax relief opportunities within the most significant in recent years, such as Fund FIT Lg46/82, the PO-FESR 2007: 2013 Ob. 4.1.1, the PO-FESR 2007: 2013 Ob. 5.1.1, the PON for Research and Competitiveness for the realization of Technological Districts Tit. III, the PON for Research and Competitiveness to support StartUp, Horizon 2020.
  • Medilink has accompanied many companies in the implementation of processes of technological innovation in sectors that are often very different, such as Health, Public Policy, Mobility, Communication, Energy, Tourism, realizing technical solutions and contributing significantly to the economic development of their customers.
  • The investment strategy has enabled the development of several proprietary solutions and integration in market areas of interest to which they are in the process of developing patents and innovative technologies.
Over the past few years, Medilink has developed considerable experience in research targeted at business combinations, such as enterprise networks, the development plans of the supply chain, the districts of technology and productivity, which are made in accordance with the new policies cohesion and sharing provided by the national strategic framework in response to the indication of the European community.