Sponsorship Avio Club Siracusa

Medilink renewed its sponsorship this year with the Avio Club Siracusa, an association dedicated to the promotion of sport and pleasure flying. Thanks to the support of Medilink, Avio Club Siracusa was able to renovate the runway and the hangars for the aircraft parking. The Avio Club Siracusa has about 60 pilot members, has a 400 meter long asphalt runway (certified as an airfield since 1994), 2 aircraft storage facilities, offices, club houses with services and a seat for the paratroopers group. .

The School of the Start Club Syracuse, the first to operate in Sicily, carries out the piloting courses for obtaining the Certificate on ultralight and commuter aircraft, advanced VDS courses, aeronautical radiotelephony courses. The Club has a Tecnam P92 aircraft for chartering members and a Tecnam P92 for the flight school.

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