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Investing in research is essential

Medilink is particularly active in R&D with a strong focus on innovation and innovative investments, consolidating a lot of experience in participation in the notices of access to EU funds for research and development. Medilink has ongoing relationships and consistent with research centers, public and private, universities and companies both nationally and internationally.

Medilink has accompanied many companies in the implementation of processes of technological innovation in sectors that are often very different, such as Health, Public Policy, Mobility, Communication, Energy, Tourism, realizing technical solutions and contributing significantly to the economic development of their customers. The investment strategy has enabled the development of several proprietary solutions and integration in market areas of interest to which they are in the process of developing of industrial property rights.

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A strong focus on innovation and innovative investments



Medilink designs and develops software dedicated to the management of the business activities and the processes that need to be organized management and optimized in order to ensure the development of a simple and efficient.



Medilink applies innovative technological solutions, performance and cost can guarantee stability and efficiency to the infrastructure of their clients, even in the mobile arena, ensuring the full integration of business processes.



Medilink designs and implements training programs aimed at training, retraining and upgrading of the personnel of the companies clients by providing, if necessary, instruments dedicated to the control of such actions.



Medilink consolidates its commitment to research and development, supporting initiatives in favor of the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases and disorders that damage human health.

Web APP Development


To manage your application easily
even from mobile devices.

Responsive design

Optimized layout for a better user
experience across all devices.

Advanced Coding

Innovative frameworks in step with
the best programming techniques.

Usability & Flexibility

Flexible and easy-to-use interface
to get any information quickly.

Technical support

Highly qualified personnel always
available for immediate support.

Docs & Report

Documents and reports generated
automatically and always available.


Sponsorship Avio Club Siracusa

Medilink renewed its sponsorship this year with the Avio Club Siracusa, an association dedicated to the promotion of sport and pleasure flying. Thanks to...

Tolepatì, APP for the surveillance of subjects affected by COVID-19

Medilink developed the TOLEPATI APP together with the Institute for Biomedical Research and Innovation of the National Research Council (CNR-IRIB)...

Entry test with the Siverapp app

The "Leonardo da Vinci" Scientific High School in Floridia used the Siverapp app for rapid assessment of learning for the entrance tests of the...

Medilink and Eco Miles for environmental protection

Medilink strengthens its environmental protection policy by joining Eco Miles, the new program for the compensation of CO2 emissions...

Openday “The world of school meets research”

Medilink promoted and organized, for classes 4A and 5A of the Floridia High School (SR), a day at the Department of Biomedical Sciences of...

Conclusion of the activities “Alternanza Scuola Lavoro” 2017/2018

The "Alternanza Scuola Lavoro" activity carried out at the "Leonardo da Vinci" Scientific High School of Floridia for the Floridia and Canicattini offices was...

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Environment & quality

Protection and respect for the heart

Medilink is active in respecting environmental protection and improving the quality of the services provided. The company has an energetically autonomous operational headquarters thanks to a fully integrated photovoltaic system and a high efficiency thermo-acoustic insulation system. The facility uses an air-condensing climate control system, an energy-efficient lighting system and an Ultra Low Power data center. The company adopts the differentiated waste collection and disposal system and document dematerialization and, moreover, has a fleet of modern vehicles with low CO2 emissions engines. Medilink operates in compliance with its ISO 9001: 2015 certified Quality System and in accordance with the certifications relating to the best hardware and software brands in the IT services market.

All company activities, even remote, are managed and documented through the easyGST integrated management system.

Medilink is a research institution accredited to the National Research Registry cod. AUTO 61035OQM.

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