Prevention, diagnosis and monitoring

IT solutions at the service of health is the new technological horizon of our times.

Medilink in recent years has concentrated part of its commercial interest on the telemedicine market or IT solutions dedicated to human health and today synthetically represented by the term e-Health. It is a fundamental and rapidly growing sector, especially after the advent of the Covid-19 epidemic, which has favored the creation of IT solutions to support all the operators involved and to improve the speed and quality of communication and pandemic data analysis.

Medilink recently consolidated its commitment to research and development, supporting and promoting initiatives in favor of the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases and disorders that damage human health and lifestyle.

In particular, Medilink, together with IFC-CNR, and with the University of Messina, created the PRIORITY platform, for the implementation, management and distributed integration of innovative early screening services, data, models and tools. , analysis, personalization and monitoring of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Again together with IRIB CNR, Institute for Biomedical Research and Innovation, Medilink has created Tolepatì, a platform for the surveillance of subjects affected by COVID-19 or at risk of COVID-19.

Tolepatì is an easy-to-use mobile application, with a back office accessible to healthcare personnel. The app has been made available free of charge and can be downloaded by patients who, through it, can respond to various questionnaires for the detection of some important data for the purposes of the clinical assessment of the state of health. The APP includes the administration of the questionnaire called Modified British Medical Research Council Questionnaire (mMRC), useful for the assessment of dyspnea, which allows to measure the degree of the sensation of shortness of breath in relation to the performance of common daily activities.

Medilink is active, for the IT part, in various Research and Development projects, for example for the monitoring and research of solutions related to Stress in the world of work, solutions for real-time monitoring for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes of affected children from neurodevelopmental and learning disorders, technological solutions for remote monitoring of the health of the elderly, solutions for new diagnostic tools in the context of widespread degenerative diseases. In the development of these projects Medilink actively collaborates with universities and the National Research Council and with other partner companies of international level.