Innovative technological solutions

The technological infrastructure is the support they need to take advantage of all the opportunities of Information Technology.

Medilink applies innovative technological solutions, performance and cost can guarantee stability and efficiency to the infrastructure of their clients, even in the mobile arena, ensuring the full integration of business processes. Medilink adopts a type of service contract flexible, transparent, with a guarantee of costs and outcomes, and planning to care in particular how the prevention of failures by implementing interventions regular routine maintenance and implementation of policies for monitoring the performance of enterprise IT resources. Medilink performs technical support on-site using competent human resources, experienced and equipped, and then be able to resolve failures directly at the customer’s premises.

The structure is able to take action on customer provided with local and remote networks with hundreds of jobs and plants with multi-server, multi-platform, ensuring the important issues of timing resolution Hardware and Software from 2h (on centralized systems such as servers, router, networking, line printers, etc.) at 8h (on peripheral systems as a client, local printers, input devices, etc.).

The timing of intervention and resolution of faults are monitored constantly through the adoption of an environment dedicated application and updated in real-time allowing you to react quickly to deviations from the programming done.

Medilink makes available to the client the software applications useful for the opening of the intervention requests, and for the management of statistics, in addition to an efficient office Help Desk, able to intervene, in remote mode and in real time.

The adoption of an environment the application software for the integrated management of technical services, allows Medilink a constantly monitor their performance in order to identify possible problems and make the necessary adjustments quickly in line with the management system certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.