Optimization and usability

The software solves the typical problems of management and organization, simplifying processes and improving business performance.

Medilink designs and develops software oriented to the web and mobile devices, dedicated to the management of business activities and processes that require organized and optimized management in order to guarantee their development in a simple, fast and efficient way.

All software are made with the most recent and advanced programming languages, such as C / C ++, C #, Java, HTML 5, etc.., Introducing additional tools if necessary depending on the specific needs. The software solutions developed using high-performance DBMS (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, mySQL).

Medilink has also gained significant experience in the field of Big Data Analytics, or in the creation of models and tools developed for data management, data processing and data mining are able to collect, treat, store, search, share, analyze, and display large amounts of data.

The internal processes of analysis, design, development and debugging, are subjected to careful midterm with continuous feedback on the objectives and the analysis of possible deviations and the resulting recovery activities, consistent with its own management system certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Medilink developed application solutions ERP & CRM in different areas such as business management, training, project management, human resource management, skills assessment, integrated management of technical services, management of maintenance, fleet management and optimal routes, waste, safety, health, etc.., consolidating a lot of experience and having multiple modular solutions ready to customize, reducing the time and cost of implementation of their applications.

Particular attention is given to analysis of the needs of the client, in which is used the most experienced staff, able to understand the customer’s needs and suggest solutions innovation more advantageous both in technical and economic terms.