Women’s swimming team master “Club Pegaso”

Medilink is sponsoring the masters women’s swimming team “Club Pegaso” of Syracuse who actively participates in sporting events organized by the CSI (Centro Sportivo Italiano) as part of the 16th CIRCUITO INTERREGIONALE DI NUOTO MASTER, 2015/2016 season. The team, made up of the athletes Antonella Dell’Aquila, Chiara Moscuzza, Lilia Orefice is coached by the young and formidable Federica Augello. Thanks to innovative training programs at the multipurpose structure of the “Club Pegaso” in Syracuse (pool, gym, aquagym, spa, etc..) and assiduous commitment that the whole team provides in the various activity sessions, has already received the first medals of the season and the consequent great satisfaction of all involved resources.

Medilink, sponsoring the masters women’s swimming team “Club Pegaso” in Syracuse, continues in its efforts to foster the culture of amateur sport and the principles on which they are based, such as the spirit of sacrifice, the ability to aggregate in the team, desire to confront her own possibilities and those of others without the overwhelming need to succeed at all costs.

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