Tolepatì, APP for the surveillance of subjects affected by COVID-19 or at risk

Medilink developed the TOLEPATI APP together with the Institute for Biomedical Research and Innovation of the National Research Council (CNR-IRIB), thanks to the joint work of pulmonologist and bioengineering specialists, available for free in the Android and Apple stores. Tolepatì is a digital platform for the clinical monitoring of subjects suffering from CoVID-19 or at risk of manifesting the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The system intercepts the state of health and potential crisis situations, such as dyspnea, by acquiring data collected by the patient with medical devices for measuring oxygen saturation, heart rate and body temperature. Tolepatì is an easy-to-use tool and provides the patient with the feeling of being followed, not abandoned, of being in direct connection with their doctor, also through the notifications and indications of the monitoring protocol.

For more informations, visit the website Tolepatì.

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