University of Uppsala (Sweden)

Medilink supports research on neuroendocrine tumors at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. In a meeting in Syracuse, dedicated to the point on research against neuroendocrine tumors, Dr. Magnus Essand, Phd Researcher, at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, presented a new therapeutic treatment, developed in the last 6 years of research, which it is based on the use of an oncolytic virus, very effective in destroying neuroendocrine tumor cells, in a mouse animal model. Oncolytic viruses are genetically engineered to infect cancer cells only by fragmenting their cell membranes.

A new and greater efficacy is expected from second generation oncolytic viruses, the development of which is the subject of the fundraising campaign that the University of Uppsala is supporting, in which Medilink participated in the belief that new therapeutic goals can only be achieved through the support of medical research.

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